Blue Panther Legal Process Server of San Antonio

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Blue Panther Legal Process Server of  San Antonio is a subsidiary of Schertz Mobile Notary Public & Translation Services
is a Better Business Bureau member

           We have Male & Female Process Servers at your request.

                                            Se habla Espanol.

Physical Location (ship all documents)

Blue Panther Process Server

1800 NE Loop 410 Suite 302, 

San Antonio, TX 78217

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Texas State Certified Process Servers

Ben Davila Jr.

Owner/Process Server
PSC #11661
U.S. Army Veteran
Experienced Business Professional
Providing great Guidance and Support 
Motivational, Creative, Inspiring Leader  
Bilingual Spanish/English

Myranda Marin

Senior Process Manager
PSC #12685
Ambitious, Diligent, Empowering, Educated, Resourceful 
youngest professional on the team. Providing  knowledge, talent, fearlessness, and integrity in perfecting our company's growth. 
Helped framed the company's team to provide superior services to all of our clients

Carlos Lopez

Process Server
PSC #14703
Fast, Focus, Skilled, Driven, and Dependable can only describe Carlos as one of the top professionals in the business. 
Compassionate, Genuine, and Supportive in helping our clients. 
Bilingual Spanish/English

Kevin Lopez

Process Server
PSC #15501
Our youngest Panther
Friendly, Approachable, Courteous, Educated
Bilingual Spanish/English

Mike Adamo

Process Server
PSC #16565
A U.S. Army Veteran.
Devoted, Efficient, Organized

Benito Acevedo

Process Server
PSC # 1432
"Ace the Dog" a U.S. Army Veteran and Experienced Process Server providing his years of knowledge and skills within our team.
Bilingual Spanish/English